You only live twice

Richard Barrett's previous life in the UK Secret Intelligence Service has prepared him well for his role as the UN's co-ordinatior of anti-terrorist efforts. He talks to Nick Kochan about how effective financial regulation is in the fight against…

Fighting off the AML bug

Banks that create a positive compliance culture make a vital ally to law enforcement in the fight against money laundering. Nick Kochan reports

Sep 11 attacks make Basel II more relevant

The September 11 attacks on New York’s financial district have made the operational risk provisions of the proposed Basel II banking accord "much more relevant to many more people", a paper by business consultants Aroq Research said in March.

Basel moves on disclosure

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision recently announced two significant revisions to its new capital adequacy framework (new Basel Capital Accord or Basel II), which are set to have positive and far-reaching implications for the global banking…