Technical paper/Central Banks

Inflated expectations

It may seem counterintuitive, given these deflationary times, but inflation-linked fixed income strategies are proving a hit with investors as fiscal stimulus raises the threat that inflation will take over in the medium term. William Rhode reports

Financial pricing for the 21st century

Putting a price on assets for which no active market exists is a process mired in complexity and no little controversy. But the pricing models of yesteryear are simply not up to the job. David Patrikarakos looks at the new generation of valuation models…

Robert Stheeman

The head of the UK's Debt Management Office, the body responsible for administering the wave of recent government issuance, tells Sarfraz Thind that the recent failed auction doesn't spell a death of demand for gilts

Fed increases security purchase plans

In an effort to resuscitate private credit markets, the Federal Open Markets Committee stated today that it would purchase up to $300 billion in long-term US Treasury securities over the next six months.

G20 calls for stronger IMF

A strengthened and expanded International Monetary Fund (IMF) is at the heart of the plan to soften the recession and repair the global financial system announced by G20 members over the weekend.

Swap shop

The International Swaps and Derivatives Association, under its chief executive Bob Pickel (right), is the trade body for dealers of, amongst other things, credit derivatives. As such, Pickel and his members are at the centre of a storm raging around the…

A capital offence

In believing that healthy capital reserves would enable banks to weather the credit crisis, lawmakers and banking chiefs neglected one important fact, says Suresh Sankaran of Fiserv IPS-Sendero: that robust capital adequacy ratios do very little to keep…

High five for distressed investors

There is a celebratory mood amongst distressed debt investors. Having spent several years scratching around for opportunities in a raging bull market, their cup now runneth over. We profile five leading funds in the distressed arena