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Journal of Investment Strategies
Actionable research for the new generation of investors and strategists. Aims to put you at the forefront of modern investment strategies.

Journal of Credit Risk
Focused on the measurement and management of credit risk, the valuation and hedging of credit products, and the promotion of greater understanding in the area of credit risk theory and practice.

Journal of Computational Finance
Focused on the advances in numerical and computational techniques in pricing, hedging and risk management of financial instruments.

Journal of Risk
High quality theoretical and empirical studies in financial risk management. Its distinctinve focus is original, rigorous research with practical applications in mind.

Journal of Energy Markets
Original papers on the evolution and behaviour of electricity, gas, oil, carbon and other energy markets, both wholesale and retail.

Journal of Operational Risk
Focused on the measurement and management of operational risk and is aimed at promoting a greater understanding of key issues.

Journal of Risk Model Validation
Focuses on the implementation and validation of risk models, and is of particular use to practitioners striving to improve their models and modelling developments.

Journal of Financial Market Infrastructures
Focused on analysing operational and regulatory effectiveness and efficiency of payment, clearing, settlement, trade repository systems; the risks they manage, transmit and create.

Journal of Network Theory in Finance
An interdisciplinary journal publishing academically rigorous and practitioner-focused research on the application of network theory in finance.


Journal of Investment Strategies Journal of Credit Risk

Journal of Computational Finance Journal of Risk

Journal of Energy Markets Journal of Operational Risk

Journal of Risk Model Validation Journal of Financial Market Infrastructures

Journal of Network Theory in Finance



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