Subject: Op risk data: TD Bank takes US reg pill in purported drug-related AML fails

Op risk data: TD Bank takes US reg pill in purported drug-related AML fails
Also: SCB fraud bill rising fast; Postbank pain for Deutsche Bank. Data by ORX News
16 May 2024   |  Opinion
Risk management
Clear warning on escape hatch for optimisation trades
CCPs fear Emir clearing mandate carve-out for portfolio rebalancing could be abused
13 May 2024   |  Feature
Risk management
One year on, regulators still want a cure for bank runs
Broad support for higher outflow assumptions on uninsured deposits, but that won’t save insolvent banks
10 May 2024   |  Feature
Falling T2 balances bode well for eurozone’s stability
Impact of fragmentation would be less severe today than in 2010s, says Marcello Minenna
01 May 2024   |  Opinion
For a growing number of banks, synthetics are the real deal
More lenders want to use SRTs to offload credit risk, but old hands say they have a long road ahead
01 May 2024   |  Feature
Risk management
Did Fed’s stress capital buffer blunt CCAR?
Experts fear flagship test’s use as a capital top-up has undermined its role in risk management
30 Apr 2024   |  Feature
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Risk management
How Ally found the key to GenAI at the bottom of a teacup
Risk-and-tech chemistry – plus Microsoft’s flexibility – has seen US lender leap from experiments to execution
29 Apr 2024   |  Profile
Risk management
Industry urges focus on initial margin instead of intraday VM
CPMI-Iosco says scheduled variation margin is better than ad hoc calls by clearing houses
29 Apr 2024   |  News
Consortium backs BGC’s effort to challenge CME
Banks and market-makers – including BofA, Citi, Goldman, Jump and Tower – will have a 26% stake in FMX
25 Apr 2024   |  News
Revealed: the three EU banks applying for IMA approval
BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank and Intesa Sanpaolo ask ECB to use internal models for FRTB
24 Apr 2024   |  News


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