Subject: FRTB start dates must align globally, says EC

FRTB start dates must align globally, says European Commission
Lawmaker could trigger delay to market risk rules in Europe if US implementation drags on
17 May 2024   |  News
Fed green lights more capital relief trades
Five US banks authorised to issue repeat credit-linked notes backed by financial guarantees
16 May 2024   |  News
Basel III endgame: why moving fast might prove better for banks
Republicans are pushing for reproposal, but a rapid finalisation may prove less far-reaching
15 May 2024   |  Feature
Isda pushes to ‘decouple’ Simm calibration from model changes
Emir 3.0 prompts effort to separate risk-weight revisions from methodology updates
15 May 2024   |  News
Basel war on window-dressing may smooth liquidity, at a price
Changes to G-Sib charge could curb year-end repo volatility, but also cut balance sheet capacity
14 May 2024   |  News
Risk management
One year on, regulators still want a cure for bank runs
Broad support for higher outflow assumptions on uninsured deposits, but that won’t save insolvent banks
10 May 2024   |  Feature
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Basel Committee reviewing design of liquidity ratios
Focus on LCR and NSFR after Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse, but assumptions may not change
08 May 2024   |  News
Prop shops recoil from EU’s ‘ill-fitting’ capital regime
Large proprietary trading firms complain they are subject to hand-me-down rules originally designed for banks
25 Apr 2024   |  Feature
Revealed: the three EU banks applying for IMA approval
BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank and Intesa Sanpaolo ask ECB to use internal models for FRTB
24 Apr 2024   |  News
FCA presses UK non-banks to put their affairs in order
Greater scrutiny of wind-down plans by regulator could alter capital and liquidity requirements
23 Apr 2024   |  Feature


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