Subject: How Jupiter times factors in uncertain markets

How Jupiter times factors in uncertain markets
Asset manager is seeking to avoid momentum and value drawdowns
 17 May 2024   |  Profile
Our take
Altice’s dropdown is a warning for European creditors
Carve-out used to shield assets from lenders may occur in a fifth of European deals
17 May 2024   |  Opinion
Fed green lights more capital relief trades
Five US banks authorised to issue repeat credit-linked notes backed by financial guarantees
16 May 2024   |  News
Investors cheer early refi of bank AT1s
Buyers say trend is a “win-win” for asset class shaken by Credit Suisse collapse
15 May 2024   |  News
Napier Park to increase investment in bank risk transfers
Hedge fund sees secular trend in lenders offloading credit risk, and plans to be part of it
13 May 2024   |  News
BMO’s cloud migration strategy eases AI adoption
Canadian bank is beginning to roll out GenAI tool for internal use cases
08 May 2024   |  Feature
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Quant investing
Execs can game sentiment engines, but can they fool LLMs?
Quants are firing up large language models to cut through corporate blather
07 May 2024   |  News
How Man Group’s private credit arm keeps risk in check
Mid-market lending no place for weak covenants, flexible addbacks or payments in kind, says Varagon CEO
03 May 2024   |  Interview
Nervous UK pension schemes want liquidity fixes – it’ll cost them
Asset managers are crafting new ways for schemes to raise cash in a crisis
02 May 2024   |  Feature
Start-up trading venue aims to profit from SEC’s market shake-up
Equity market reforms affecting payment for order flow may encourage more challenges to incumbents
01 May 2024   |  News


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