Key risk indicators (KRIs)

GE Capital dealing with Sifi status and AMA push

Systemically important status is hard enough when you're a bank – for non-bank institutions such as GE Capital, meeting the mark can be even more challenging. Enterprise and operational risk leader Ann Rodriguez discusses the reform process with OpRisk

AMA, RCSAs and dealing with Libor at Rabobank

Dutch bank Rabobank has shaken off its Libor label pretty quickly, leaving it to focus on its co-operative roots, the AMA and its RCSA roll-out. Anne Snel-Simmons, head of operational risk management at Rabobank, talks to OpRisk about the challenges of…

A model future (part I)

Models that use factors such as key risk indicators, or KRIs, for inputs align the op risk function with credit risk and market risk - and may increase the effectiveness of operational risk within an organisation. Marcelo Cruz looks at key factors in…