Sparking innovation

In the second of two articles tracing the beginnings of energy derivatives trading, Roderick Bruce looks at the development of the natural gas and electricity markets in the US and Europe

The cost of deregulation

US electricity deregulation does not necessarily make prices more competitive, as is shown in this study of New England power prices by Logical Information Machines

Rethinking European power

European energy firms are seeking to reposition their products and strategies in advance of European Union market deregulation. FAME Energy reports

Seam shifts in central Europe

Gordon Feller looks at the changing coal economies of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Slovenia and the effect of electricity sector moves in the region

Climbing the competition Pole

The Polish government hopes to boost competition in the electricity market through a controversial securitisation plan that it will use to buy out long-term contracts between generators and the transmission grid operator. Maria Kielmas reports