Capital guaranteed

Barrier remains intact

The 50% barrier in the Investec Capital Protected FTSE 100 Income Plan 1 has remained in place since the launch of the product last year. Those opting for monthly or quarterly payments will have received their coupons, and the same looks likely for those…

Insurance inroads

Structured product manufacturers have targeted the insurance sector as a potentially important new distribution channel following the collapse in volumes of products sold through retail banks in the region. Ben Marquand finds out if they are gaining…

India finds some forward momentum

The global financial crisis could easily have sounded the death knell for India’s nascent structured products market. But as the country’s equity markets have resumed their upward trend, dealers say equity-linked structures are catching on fast.

A ripening market

Market dynamics and the chequered history of structured investments in South Africa have recently favoured vanilla products featuring capital protection. But some local issuers are gaining traction with more sophisticated offerings. John Ferry reports

Delighted with deposits

Newcastle Building Society has been gradually building up its structured deposit business, including the launch of a new intermediary services arm in 2008. With the FTSE 100 index climbing and deposits backed by the government, the society is right to be…

Structural shifts

The volume of structured products has declined dramatically over the past 12 months. With equity prices collapsing, some of those that are still investing are focusing on capital-guaranteed, income-generating structures. But do these products represent…

A return to structured products?

Structured products have been largely shunned since the collapse of Lehman Brothers last September, but low returns in other asset classes may prompt institutional investors to return to the sector in the year ahead. By Peter Madigan

Merrill Lynch targets Asian retail investors

Investment bank Merrill Lynch has finally joined the flock of institutions battling for Hong Kong’s retail investors, with the launch of its first publicly offered capital guaranteed fund, with more issues planned in the coming months.