Corporate risk manager of the year: Microsoft

The first US clearing mandates came into force last year in three separate phases. While most corporates looked to take advantage of the corporate hedging exemption, Microsoft decided right from the start to voluntarily clear everything

All in one -- Software rankings

Budgets are under pressure, and more and more firms are opting for a single platform provider for all their compliance software needs. Victoria Pennington looks at which companies they are turning to, and why

Cloud cover

Grid computing was seen as the answer to resource-intensive risk management tasks, such as derivatives pricing, scenario simulation and stress testing. But some firms are now looking at cloud computing - vast collections of computing and data resources…

Deciding on a future

A handful of companies are exploring how markets can improve decision-making, while academics are using futures trading to predict influenza outbreaks. Prediction markets have come a long way since the collapse of a controversial Pentagon-funded project…

ISE to route to US options exchanges

The International Securities Exchange (ISE) has enhanced its OM Click Trade front end so that it can route members’ orders to any U.S options exchange, reports Risknews’ sister publication Trading Technology Week .