Tech Awards: Numerix

Numerix Credit Trader

Numerix Credit Trader is a new extension to the Numerix CrossAsset platform. It features a series of customised spreadsheets for viewing and testing trades, and monitoring market data and risk metrics. Front-office professionals can then track, manage and analyse a book of trades, monitor relevant market data and accurately value complex credit derivatives.

The Numerix Credit Trader is available in two versions – correlation and single names – both consisting of a Microsoft Excel template that includes 11 worksheets for performing key credit trading tasks.

The worksheets are divided into three categories: a trade blotter (which allows users to define bespoke CDO baskets using a combination of single names and constituents of standard indexes), risk monitors and market monitors.

The Numerix Credit Trader provides deal-, tranche- and portfolio-level analytics, based on Numerix’s library of market-standard models. Features include index hedge reports for bespoke CDOs, delta/gamma hedging to neutralise specific risks, and risk reporting, sensitivity analysis and stress-testing. The application enables analysis for credit correlation trading, with fast creation of bespoke baskets.

Numerix, headquartered in NewYork, won a joint Technology Innovation Award last year for its structured credit desktop, NxR2, which was created with technology vendor R2 Financial Technologies.

Steve O’Hanlon, chief operating officer at Numerix, says: “This is a more flexible offering than what we’ve provided in the past because it’s focused on traders’ needs and takes into consideration their work flow requirements.”

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